#28 Elijah Johnson 5’9” Guard - c/o 2022 | Durango H.S

Evaluation: Elijah is naturally athletic, his speed and quickness makes him very hard to guard. He does a great job pushing the ball in transition and attacking the basket.

Strengths: Explosive Speed / Quickness, Ball handling and can score around the basket.

Areas Of Improvement: Must get stronger, develop a consistent 3 point shot and direct his teammates in traffic.


#4 Jaques Williams Jr. 5’8” Guard - c/o 2022 | Arbor View HS

Evaluation: Jaques is a strong guard that plays under control and does a great job creating his own shot and using his body when attacking the basket.

Strengths: Hard worker, Ball-handling, strong guard,

Areas Of Improvement: communication, conditioning and get his teammates more involved.


#50 Gianni Rodriguez 6’2” Guard c/o 2022 | Sierra Vista HS

Evaluation: Gianni has a long body frame that plays to his advantage against smaller guards. Solid ball handler, does a great job finding his teammates and using his length when attacking the basket.

Strengths: Length, Keeps calm under pressure, ball handling and has a lot of potential if he keeps working.

Areas Of Improvement: Needs to hold himself more accountable on defense and play with a motor.


#1 Prince Davis 5’1” Guard c/o 2024 | Leadership Academy

Evaluation: Prince plays with a poise demeanor on the court. Dominate ball handler that can make it very hard for defenders to stay in front of him.

Strengths: Ball handling, Change of Speed, attacking the basket and keeping defenders off balance.

Areas Of Improvement: Develop a consistent 3 point shot and finishing around the rim over defenders.


#30 Nico Canencia 5’3” Guard c/o 2023 | Johnston Middle School

Evaluation: Nico has quick foot speed. Works extremely hard in drills and plays with a lot hustle.

Strengths: Foot speed, Defense slides, conditioning

Areas Of Improvement: Decision Making and understanding defensive principles: Especially not turning his back to the offense when playing defense


#19 Jaiden Edwards 5’6” Guard c/o 2022 | Durango HS

Evaluation: Jaiden is a strong guard, where he lacks talent, he posses a strong work ethic, plays physical and is coachable.

Strengths: Work-Ethic, rebounding and plays hard.

Areas Of Improvement: Moving without the ball and play more organized basketball.


#6 Michael Socorro 5’5” Guard c/o 2022 | Clark HS

Evaluation: Michael has great form and rotation os his shot, can handle the ball, does a great job communicating with his teammates in coming off ball screens.

Strengths: Ball handling, 3 point shooter, communication.

Areas Of Improvement Conditioning, Develop mid range jump shot, work on creating for teammates


#29 Benjamin Satrasook 5’9” Guard c/o 2022 | Sierra Vista HS

Evaluation: Benjamin plays with effort and hustle. Very coachable and ready to work in drills and games. Does a great job running the floor and playing aggressive on defense. Can knock down the 3 point shot.

Strengths: Work Ethic, Hustle, Defense, playing hard.

Areas Of Improvement: Ball handling, creating your own shot off the dribble.


#2 Jake Wohl 5’10” Guard c/o 2022 | Bob Miller MS

Evaluation: Jake can knock down the jump shot off the catch, more of a rhythm shooter. Great team player and communicator.

Strengths: Hard worker, shooting and communication.

Areas Of Improvement: Needs to develop quicker ball handling moves to the basket, foot speed and playing defense without reaching.


#3 Luke Wohl 5’8” Guard c/o 2023 | Bob Miller MS

Evaluation: Luke is very strong and does a great job attacking the basket under control. Great team player who is looking to make winning plays.

Strengths: Hard worker, attacking the basket, conditioning, communication with teammates.

Areas Of Improvement: Work on slowing the game down and developing a change of speed. learning how to move without the ball.


#0 Kollin Ngo 5’5” Guard c/o 2023 | SLAM

Evaluation: Kollin demonstrated great balance and control when attacking the basket. In the open floor Kollin has speed and can knock down the open shot. Works hard and plays under control.

Strengths: Foot speed, ball handling, finisher, work ethic.

Areas Of Improvement: Get Stronger and making better decision under pressure.


#7 Rayven Jacobs 5’6” Guard c/o 2024 | Molasky MS

Evaluation: Rayven worked extremely hard for both days at the showcase, coming into the showcase with limited basketball experience; he took advantage of the coaching, drills, games and made no excuses. Rayven took full advantage of WODE PRO 80. He left with a great experience.

Strengths: Coachable, Positive attitude, Never gave up, always willing to learn and get better.

Areas Of Improvement: Needs to get in shape, footwork, dedicate more time to learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball.


#33 Sebastian Castro 5’0” Guard c/o 2023 |Silver Creek MS

Evaluation: Sebastian is a crafty guard that played very assertive with the ball and under control. Does a great job using the ball screens and finding his teammates off the dribble.

Strengths: Ball Handling, getting in the paint off the ball screen, gives maximum effort on both ends of the court. strong passion for the game; truly wants to get better with every rep and opportunity.

Areas Of Improvement: Foot Speed, get stronger, communication “give teammates more direction. Keep his dribble alive when under pressure. Look to score the ball more off the dribble.

#27 Xzavier Rayford 5’3” c/o 2023 | Fertitta MS

Evaluation: Xzavier played very well at the showcase, showed eagerness to get better and learn during drills and skills. positive attitude and very coachable.

Strengths: Takes his time on the court, doesn’t rush, makes solid decisions with the ball. Does a great job protecting the ball with basic fundamentals when dribbling and attacking the basket

Areas Of Improvement: Needs to talk more on the court, must get in better shape, work on his ball handling and jump shot.

#6 Michael Stoecker 5’11” Guard c/o 2023 | Becker MS

Evaluation: Michael was a Standout performer at WODE Pro 80. Good hands around the basket as well as finishing around the rim. Great on defense , does a great job anticipating blocks and steals.

Strengths: Fundamentally strong, Rebounder, Athletic, Can score around the rim and plays hard on both ends of the court.

Areas Of Improvement: Ball Handling and develop a consistent outside jump shot.

#31 Max Romero 5’2” Guard c/o 2023 | Becker MS

Evaluation: Max is a confident ball handler and does a great job finding the gaps on the court when he has the ball. Very aggressive on ball defender that works hard on both ends of the court.

Strengths: Ball handling, 3 point shot, hard worker and solid on ball defender.

Areas Of Improvement: Get stronger, Get teammates involved more, work on making better reads off the pick and rolls.


#56 Jermaine Jackson 5’3” Guard c/o 2022 | Centennial HS

Evaluation: Jermaine has a quick first step that can help him create space. He has a quick release on his jump shot that makes it hard for defenders to anticipate when he will shoot the ball.

Strengths: Quick release on his jump shot, ball handling, foot speed and very confident on the offensive end.

Areas Of Improvement: Get Stronger, Develop a consistent mid range shot. Work on being a floor controller: Getting your teammates involved and don’t settle for the 3 point shot.

#51 Armon Broughton 6’0” SF c/o 2022 | Canyon Springs HS

Evaluation: Armon has length and a great athletic body, which makes it very difficult for his opponent to guard and score on him. He can rebound on both ends of the court and can finish around the basket.

Strengths: Rebounding, can finish around the basket, great defender and does a great job running the floor (Rim to Rim).

Areas Of Improvement: Work on ball handling, post moves and mid range shot.

#17 Michael Mattingly 5’10” Guard c/o 2022 | Centennial HS

Evaluation: Michael plays a fast-pace game with the ball, does a great job creating for his teammates in transition, can knock down the open 3 point shot and works hard on defense.

Strengths: Great passer, Ball-handling, footwork, plays with energy and a sense of urgency.

Areas Of Improvement: Get stronger and learning how to slow the game down to see the play develop.